Sheep Products

Sheep-raising in Brazil highlights the production in Rio Grande do Sul for its big representativeness in the country since it has one of the largest flocks in the national territory. The outstanding breeds in the region are Texel and Corriedale and their cross is the most qualified one for meat production.

At present, Comesul Beef is the largest sheep slaughterhouse in Brazil, with a mean of 4 to 8 thousand slaughters per month.

Sheep meat is supplied through all types of cuts of sheep and lamb that are vacuum-packed in boxes of ten and twenty kilos. Besides, there is the production of sheep offal that are packed in boxes of ten and twenty kilos.

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Some of Our Products

  • French Rack

    French Rack

  • T-Bone


  • Cap of Rump

    Cap of Rump

  • Tenderloin


  • Flanks


  • Cap Loin Roast

    Cap Loin Roast

  • Loin fat off

    Loin fat off

  • Shoulder


  • Leg


  • Neck Boneless

    Neck Boneless

  • Neck